The Importance Advertising Your Business Consistently & Correctly

June 25, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Market & Economic Information

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Advertising your business to area specifics has many advantages. For businessmen, it is an opportunity for brand building and enhancing business to the next level, nationally and internationally. There are several types of ways to advertise your business, both locally and internationally, and the most effective ways are advertising through both a local and international online directory. The international exposure ensures more export opportunities for your business and spreads the risk of your order intake in general when the local business is down. The directory advertising service is effective in the results it offers and cost-effective. Online directories are even more important for your occupation when you have no online presence or when you are listed solely in an online local directory.

With the popularity increasing of online directories there are more reasons than ever to consider using a good online directory as part of your marketing efforts. There are few marketing channels that will give you the same value for your marketing spend that a well-run online directory can. It is very important however that you choose the right directory for the publication of your business. When you are in a technical orientated business activity such as manufacture, engineering or sales, and marketing engineering it is very important to choose a directory that offers you those specific markets. Revrok Directories offer highly targeted market exposure such as:

Listing in one or all of the Revrok Directories is free. Aside from offering the free listing services that Revrok offers their main activity is assisting technology companies in developing their national and international order intake.

distributors and agents wanted in international areasBenefits of Revrok Industrial Directories

  • Increase your online presence
  • Improve your local, national & international visibility. Develop Export & International Markets
  • Increase brand awareness, show your company and products in all its details
  • Show your business in specialized industrially focused directory
  • Be recognized as reputed supplier in highly focused industrial directory by international buyers and purchasers
  • Boost your SEO and improve your company’s website’s position by interlinking with directories that are completely related to your target industry
  • Show up on Google and improve your internet position
  • Revrok’s Service is dedicated to promote your business and will assist you in any way to generate you more business.

Google My Business Packages
Everyone wants to rank in the Google My Business/Maps area of the search results. Google My Business has also its disadvantages. Administration of Google My Business is difficult. The pages need to be created from an individual’s Google+ account, and you cannot add admins or any other users to manage the account. The problem becomes more exaggerated with businesses that don’t have a dedicated social media manager (unlikely with small businesses), because of the need to give out personal account information for users to post on the business page. Revrok uses simple to use forms that can be managed by anyone in your organization. Revrok also assists company in placing listings for them at no charge.

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