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Jubilee House, Pride Park, St Christopher's Way, Derby DE24 8BJ, UK +00 438434 9339912
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With the digital revolution blurring the boundaries between our physical products and the services we provide, we see a future where our engines are connected, contextually aware and even comprehending. A future where we design and test engines digitally, service them remotely and manage them through their digital twin. A future where, once again, we are pioneering the power that matters, just like we have throughout our history.

We are pioneers in delivering engines that have set new standards in terms of efficiency and reliability, responding to our customers’ need to continually improve both their economics and environmental performance.

The Intelligent Engine will continue to see us continue to lead the way.

Part of that journey today is developing a new lean-burn and low-emissions combustion system, reducing fuel burn and improving emissions performance. We’ve recently taken a big step forward on that journey with the first run of a demonstrator engine specifically devoted to that technology.

The ALECSys (Advanced Low Emissions Combustion System) demonstrator is testing lean-burn system that improves the pre-mixing of fuel and air prior to ignition – delivering a more complete combustion of the fuel and, as a result, lower NOx and particulate emissions.

The lean-burn system will play an important part in delivering the IntelligentEngine, as it builds on the pioneering technology and digital capabilities to deliver important benefits for customers.

ALECSys ran for the first time at the end of January on a testbed in the UK.

The technology is important as part of the wider IntelligentEngine vision to create future products. For example, it will feature in the UltraFan® engine design that Rolls-Royce will make available from 2025.

UltraFan is a geared, scalable design suitable for both widebody and narrowbody aircraft. It is designed to offer 25% fuel efficiency improvement over the first generation of Rolls-Royce Trent engines.

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