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G-Force Technical Ltd specializes in offering pre-owned capital equipment. We provide refurbished capital equipment to the electronics industries. We also offer equipment installation training calibration repair line moves maintenance preventative maintenance and equipment refurbishing services. We provide preventive maintenance programs to reduce equipment downtime. G-Force Technical was formed to offer customers top quality pre-owned capital equipment with the highest level of service and support. When it comes to buying pre-owned equipment, selling equipment, consigning equipment, credit for equipment trades, or needing service or support on existing equipment. We are committed to be the best in our industry. G-Force Technical offers refurbished capital equipment to the electronics industry. We offer a different product in that we are not simply equipment brokers, rather used equipment specialists who were process engineers with PCB manufacturing experience that identify the exact equipment requested, refurbish, service, clean, test, and power up all equipment to make sure equipment is in excellent working condition with all options needed to successfully process assemblies in your operation. G-Force Technical has the ability to offer extended equipment warranty, install equipment, and provide training and support as needed. With this in mind, it is sometimes possible to get equipment through other sources including end user but in doing so often times the sellers are not familiar with equipment and options and this might result in unwanted surprises when equipment arrives in your facility. This effectively increases the cost to the end user. You will find, with G-Force Technical, we take every step possible to include very detailed information on the equipment being sold. We provide equipment specification sheets on our equipment that includes year, make, model, condition, digital pictures, voltage requirements, air requirements, equipment measurements, weight, etc. Bottom line is we don’t like unwanted surprises and neither should you. Since we strive to provide our customers with the best pre-owned capital equipment in the industry we will often look at numerous sources to find the very best for our customers. This search process does take time and resources. It is in the best interest of the customer to work with one equipment source because by working with multiple sources often times unknowingly, the customer is driving up the price on the equipment they are trying to locate. Specifically, often times brokers buy equipment from other brokers. If the broker(s) that have a specific machine receive multiple calls on a specific machine they perceive the value to be higher as interest is high. In other words, it is like bidding at your own auction. G-Force Technical is requesting you, our customer, work with us and allow us to find your equipment and provide you with purchase options. By working through one equipment source we will give you our very best price and service. Company profile Strategically located in Southwest USA 13,000 sq. ft climate controlled service facility Installations throughout USA, Canada and Mexico Service proficiency across most major brands of SMT equipment including Panasonic, Universal, Vitronics, Austin American Technologies, Heller, MPM, DEK, BTU, Electrovert and ERSA to name a few Equipment Sales Quality pre-owned capital equipment G-Force Technical inspects, repairs and tests the equipment purchased G-Force Technical offers equipment refurbishment, installation and training on equipment purchased G-Force Technical provides detailed equipment specification sheets with all technical data on all equipment G-Force Technical has a demo facility in Springtown, TX where we encourage customers to inspect equipment purchased G-Force Technical provides support and service after the sale Equipment Services Preventative maintenance programs to reduce equipment downtime Equipment upgrades, retrofits and repairs to extend useful equipment lifespan Equipment and line installations without adding internal personnel Custom training programs Technical Capabilities OEM trained staff with over 65+ years combined experience Our Field Services Engineers are highly trained and experience on top brand equipment Additional training & expertise to be acquired as needed Process background with knowledge from front to back allowing for proper troubleshooting over entire process

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Phone +1-(817)-236-3772
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Contact Email Address randy.geisler@gforcereps.com
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Address 9313 Dosier Cove West76179TexasUnited States
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